Answered By: Daniel Becker
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The Harvard Kennedy School has collected a list of resources on civil discourse for the HKS community, which includes recordings of HKS events as well as written pieces. It is available on KNet

Other resources of interest include: 

Last but not least, try one of the following e-books, available from Harvard Library: 

  • A Crisis of Civility? Political Discourse and Its Discontents (2019) is a multidisciplinary collection of articles that look at political discourse and (in)civility through the lenses of political science, communications, psychology, and history. (Harvard Key required) 
  • Argumentation: The Art of Civil Advocacy (2018) describes "the principles of argumentation as a practical way to engage in interpersonal and public deliberation" and suggests thinking of civil discourse as a form of communication that provides "opportunities for future dialogue." (Harvard Key required) 
  • Disagreeing Agreeably: Issue Debates with a Primer on Political Disagreement (2019) provides some suggestions on how to "agree to disagree" while still getting to results, using such hot-button examples as tuition-free college, gun control, or the Electoral College. (Harvard Key required) 
  • Divided Politics, Divided Nation: Hyperconflict in the Trump Era (2019) is part memoir, part essay, and a trenchant investigation of the roots of discursive partisanship in the United States by an academic who grew up a conservative Christian in the Midwest and would up teaching at a liberal university on the East Coast. (Harvard Key required)