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HOLLIS is the Harvard Library catalog. It searches most library resources in a single unified search, including includes books, articles, films, data and more. Use HOLLIS to manage your library loans. Make sure you sign in with your Harvard key to gain access to all services for Harvard affiliates and to set up alerts.

Should I choose Everything or Library Catalog from the drop down search menu in HOLLIS?

Choose the Everything default option if:

  • You want to explore the broadest variety of sources

  • Your topic is highly interdisciplinary

  • You already have the title of an article you want

  • You are conducting historic research and want to access old newspapers quickly 

Choose Library Catalog from the drop down menu for the HOLLIS search box if:

  • You want book-length treatments of a topic

  • You want to browse Harvard's shelves

  • You need reliable filters for authors and subjects

  • You are searching for access to a newspaper, magazine or journal by the title of the publication.


Try these Search Operators for a better search experience:

  • Exact Phrase

Use quotation marks to search for your terms as an exact phrase. Great for title searches.

"capital in the twenty-first century"

  • Boolean Connectors

AND, OR, and NOT must be in all caps to be recognized as operators.

NSA OR "National Security Agency"

cellular NOT phone

  • Order of Operations

Use parentheses to define the order of operations.

("Affordable Care Act" OR Obamacare) AND "birth control"

  • Wildcards

? matches a single character and * matches multiple characters.


gene* therapy


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